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What is Hypnobirthing?

And how can it help me have a magnificent birth?

First of all let me tell you, this is NOT stage hypnosis. You're definitely not going to be asked to cluck like a pregnant chicken! The name 'hypnobirthing' might have some of you wondering if this is 'hippy nonsense, which can't possibly be as useful to me during childbirth as pain relief will be'. Fear not, there will be no swinging watch, no hugging trees, no incense sticks (unless of course you want those things). In fact, the Magnificent Mama Hypnobirthing course is actually a full antenatal programme, designed to give you all of the knowledge, tools and techniques that you need to have the positive birth that you desire. The course is based on Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing (KGH) material and is constantly updated in line with the latest research and best practice recommendations. KGH is the UK’s leading hypnobirthing training provider and is the only teacher training accredited by the Royal College of Nursing & Midwifery, so I can assure you that you are receiving the best, most effective Hypnobirthing training possible. 

It's quite simple really, Hypnobirthing works because it helps us to release fear. Fear causes tension and tension causes pain, so in ridding ourselves of this fear, we are enabling our body to stay relaxed, avoiding the tension which would otherwise be causing us pain. It might sound too easy, too good to be true… but IT WORKS.

Using self-hypnosis, you will learn to control your mind and body so that you are able to remain calm, relaxed and positive throughout your birth. This part sounds wacky right? Well did you know that you enter hypnosis every single day, twice a day. Hypnosis is simply an altered state of consciousness. You know that feeling when you aren’t quite asleep but also not awake, you’re sort of ‘drifting in and out’? Well that is a state of Hypnosis. If you are in Hypnosis twice a day without even trying, imagine the power of your mind over body with some practise.

Some of the self-hypnosis techniques include breathing in a special way, audio scripts, visualisations, affirmations and physical cues from a partner. There are many ways for you to attain your state of self-hypnosis and by the time your birth comes you will be well practised in all of these. 

I will help you to find your confidence and inner magnificence and to realise that you have everything you need within you to have a calm, positive, natural birth. Your birth partner will learn what an important role he/she has to play in this amazing experience and how best to support you. By the end of the course, you'll feel confident in the knowledge that you know everything you need to, leaving you calm and relaxed to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and to look forward to your birth. You will be free from fear and tension. You will be trusting your body and your instincts, and you should...because you are magnificent.

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"Birth is not only about making babies. It's about making mothers~ strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and believe in their inner strength."

Barbara Katz Rothman

So, what do we know about women who choose Hypnobirthing?

Evidence based results

Hypnobirthing: Feature
Smiling Pregnant Woman

And why Magnificent Mama?

Because I KNOW how Magnificent you are

Hypnobirthing is on the rise and so are the teachers available to you, so I know you've got your options. But I assure you that by choosing Magnificent Mama, you are choosing a teacher who has been there, given birth, got the t-shirt. You are choosing a teacher who was previously converted from thinking Hypnobirthing is a ‘nice to have but won’t be helpful’ to knowing that Hypnobirthing is essential for having a calm, confident birth. You are choosing a teacher who has experienced the wealth of benefits that come from Hypnobirthing, but there is more to it than that. You are also choosing a teacher who is approved by and registered with FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators) so you can rest assured I am an externally regulated professional and that my knowledge and courses are of impeccably high quality. 

I know what an incredible time pregnancy can be, but I also know that it can be even better with a little extra love and help along the way. I'm here to provide that for you (as much as you desire). Yes, I will of course be your teacher, but I will also be your friend during your pregnancy, here to listen or help with anything you need. Occasionally I might not have all of the answers, but I can always point you in the right direction and will do my best to help you navigate the world of pregnancy to ensure you enjoy it as much as you can. I believe that all women are brilliant and that Mama's are truly MAGNIFICENT. For 13 years I worked in the Youth Sector, dedicating my life to helping vulnerable young people. I'm now choosing to dedicate my work to helping women have a positive pregnancy and birth, because it's those women who quite literally grow and raise our future. What could possibly be more important than that?


I really hope that you will be the next woman on that journey with me. 

Less chance of induction

Hypnobirthing Mama's are less likely to end up having an induction of labour

Shorter, more efficient labour

Hypnobirthing Mama's report a shorter labour and birth experience

Higher levels of birth satisfaction

Hypnobirthing Mama's report higher levels of satisfaction with their birth experience

Less need for pain relief

Hypnobirthing Mama's are much less likely to require or ask for pain relief, finding that the Hypnobirthing techniques provide everything they need

More time and home, less time in hospital

Hypnobirthing Mama's are likely to stay at home for longer in the early stages of labour, and to leave hospital more quickly after the baby is born

Calm Mama, Calm Baby

Babies born to Hypnobirthing Mama's are more likely to be birthed in to a calm and peaceful environment, resulting in better feeding and sleeping patterns

Skills for life

Hypnobirthing Mama's report using the valuable relaxation techniques they learned during their Hypnobirthing course even after the baby is born

Confident birthing

Hypnobirthing Mama's know their magnificence. They are confident, they are calm, they are relaxed. They are ready for anything

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