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Let's talk investment

The best investment you'll make for you and your baby

That’s correct, you are seriously considering making one of the best investments of your life. An investment of time and money that will empower you to have the birth you want and deserve. An investment that will help you avoid feeling regret, unhappiness and general dissatisfaction for years to come with your birth experience. How many baby products have you already brought? I know that lovely designer pram might feel important, but it’s not a patch on the investment you are making if you decide to take a Magnificent Mama course. Price details are:

- 'Extra Magnificence' One-to-One course- £350 per couple

- Original Magnificent Mama One-to-One Private course - £320 per couple

- Small group courses, run at Eve and Grace Boutique Wellness Studio - £250 per couple

- Refresher course - £110 per couple (contact me for details)

Included in the cost of all courses is:

- All course tuition and course information pack

- Ongoing phone/text/WhatsApp/telegram/carrier pigeon support from me until your birth, and after if you choose the 'extra magnificence' option

- A Magnificent Mama tote bag

- The KG Hypnobirthing Book written by Katharine Graves

- The Positive Birth Book written by Milli Hill

- The KG Hypnobirthing Relaxation MP3s

- yesmum TO BE positive birth affirmation cards

- A scented candle for luxurious relaxation

"Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you."

Robin Sharma

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