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Words from our Hypnobirthing Mothers and Fathers

Don’t Take Just our Word For it

I am sure that the techniques we learnt at Hypnobirthing were instrumental in our wonderful birthing experience.  We were so calm throughout which I am sure is why our daughter continues to be such a contented little baby.

Relaxing, empowering and definitely so pleased that we chose to do it.  My feelings about the birth have undergone a complete turn around, and we’ll be able to use the techniques in other situations too.  More people should be made aware of Hypnobirthing.

I was so impressed by my husband this weekend as he had arrived at the course as a sceptic only to discover that the hypnobirthing message really resonated with his approach to life. I really appreciate how much the course empowers the father as well as the mother and provides him with much more direction as to what he can do to make this experience one that we can both influence for the positive.

I went on to have two more sons, born at home, using the KG method of hypnobirthing. All of them were wonderful experiences and I felt completely in control. I feel so strongly all women could benefit from hypnobirthing as a way to manage their births. For me, it helped me create the family I’d always wanted and gave me the chance to be a mother again.

I am now looking forward to labour and much more confident that I can do it, even before I've done the practice. I wasn't sure what to expect and was really only there as I figured I had nothing to lose. What I never realised was how much I had to gain. If I'm honest I was a bit sceptical but I went with the recommendation of a friend and am so pleased I did. I liked the way the course was structured and the combination of information, relaxation techniques, video example and humour made it really fun and interesting.

I found the birth experience extremely empowering, with each giving me a greater appreciation for the miracles my body can perform. Instead of recalling fear, pain or intervention, I hold all three of my labours as my most prized memories.

Thank you again for turning my attitude into a positive excited one!

I can honestly say that Hypnobirthing has changed my life. I use the breathing techniques daily to overcome any anxiety and am in awe of what my body can do by tuning in to the skills I have learnt.

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